Women and Sex

Lets get something straight. Women love sex just as much as men. Society has simply made it a taboo topic but the truth of the matter is that women enjoy sex and yes, they talk about it with their girlfriends all the time. OK , its true that they aren’t as fixated as men are but they still will find themselves magnetically drawn to a man who is a skillful lover.

Finding a man who knows how to please a woman in bed is not easy, as most guys are quite selfish in this department. Women are different than men when it comes to sexual pleasure and their mind needs to be involved just as much as their body or there won’t be any fireworks. Most guys just rush through it without realizing that its takes much more than a “wham, bang, thank you ma’am”. To please a women in bed.
You need to brand the word foreplay into your brain with a red, hot poker because if you get the foreplay right, women won’t be able to help themselves. You will end up having to beat them off with a stick.

Foreplay is more than sex, its all the little details that will get her imagination fired up and wanting more. Its about well placed touches when you are out with her, its about softly telling her what you would like to be doing with her even though you are in public, its about setting the mood and building the anticipation. The more sexual tension and anticipation you build, the quicker she will melt in your arms.

How does this affect your ability to date any girl? Women pick up on things like this quickly because they are masters at reading body language and a man who knows how to please a woman exludes a certain confidence that says “I am going to rock your world” and women can pick on that. More