Dating Tips

*Be honest about who you are, your specialty, what you like, every last bit of it. Do what comes natural to you, instead of attempting to be what you think your date will like.

*If you start dating with someone, totally stop being involved with your ex.

*Don’t wear shoes or clothes that you can’t walk in, or that don’t fit you right. We know you want to look your best, but a first date is not the time to try those new 6 inch heels or the super tight dress that is on the verge of ripping.

*Be on time. No doubt, we know the entire stylishly late philosophy still exists, however on a first date, you’ll greatly improve the situation if you show up on time.

*Offer to pay. When the check comes, state you will pay for it, as this is common courtesy. If your date demands to pay, say that you can share it or offer to leave a tip.

*Checking your cell phone on a date is a quick way to make someone feel uncomfortable, like they are not important enough to get your full attention, especially on a first date! Put your cell phone on vibrate and check it when you are alone.

*Don’t try to find too much about your date’s job, career or finances from the first time. You will look interested only in money and power.

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