When and How Love Drains Away

Do you understand that people fall in love and fall out of love?
No doubts you both love each other in the past and now maybe more or less.

Do you know the reason why people cheat?
Men and Women find other people attractive but tries to beat all odds by devoting to their partner/relationship. Why is he/She so flexible after these few years?

Cheating is a choice and once a partner is ready to compromise, that means devotion has crumble

Take this seriously
As Couples grow together,

Romantic love is replaced with Conjugal love in marriage,

our parents are example, this also happens in a Long term relationship.

He/She is a good lover in the past but why the Tilt and deviation from you?

Why committing the same mistakes again and again without remorse?

Maybe he/She is now less interested in you, old sparks has gone, despite making sacrifices for you.

I understand you love him/her so much, but is it healthy when Our love and feelings are not being reciprocated?

Give a deep thought’s to all I have said, and make a decision today. My inbox/Comment Section is open

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