Don’t ever forget the face -Sex Cycle


Sex is a pleasurable feeling, it’s Delta from intimacy and consenting, sex against willingness is term as “Rape”. OK that aside, let talk about both opposite sexs.

1st time sex

Having Sex for the 1st time is bound to be a memory of a life time. The face, name can be forgotten but not the moments but it is rare. I bet it.

There are 4 Cycle of sex.

  • Excitement Stage
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

Excitements Stage

This is the stage of foreplay which intensify and stimulate the body system or sex organs. Romancing, caressing, touching each other affectionately.

Plateau stage

This the second stage, where there is higher respiration, high blood pressure and more. Blood flows to the Man Sex Organ making it erect, so does the woman, her Vagina muscle becomes hard and desirous of the Penis too.


This is the highest stage of pleasures for we humans; but some people never get to this stage. I also name this stage Satisfaction stage. If you ever sex a woman to this stage, bet me she will cling on to you and will keep coming for more, so does the man too. Orgasm usually last 5-10 minutes in man or less, why 10,15-20 minutes or more for a woman. Take note a woman might have multiple orgasm.

Resolution stage

This is last stage of sex, after maximum satisfaction attained, the blood pressure and body temperature returns to normal, as well as the Sex organs Too.

this might happen again for the second time.

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