Relationship Hurdles a Story

Photo source- Station 19 TV series

Relationship Is more of a game?

Here is a Short Story from 2 Heart that Loves wholly

1. When we started dating she never tell me that she had a child, I found out later and I still consider and accept her only to find out she is still sleeping around.

She also meet up with her baby daddy why leaving her child to me I warned her she never listen until one faithful day I caught this lady having sex with my best friend in his bed room; she saw me and guess what she said?

when you are done watching close the door?

she came the next day Pleading but she couldn’t admit her heinous act. she was too ashamed and the painful thing is I already introduced her to my parents. marriage was the next move.

Since then I have live in fear of women because I know everything and what they are capable off.

2. I am still on a journey of self discovery, funny as it may sound, i was in a relationship for about 8 years then when we started i was a timid quiet guy so i needed a timid girl like myself, but as the year began to evolve my dad passed i had to mature….

Then I began to realize i wasn’t the timid person anymore i started following my hobbies (dancing, acting, a bit of counselling) all of these things kinda put a strain in our relationship.

She wasn’t cool with the way i was going and all…. to cut the long story we were much younger, I was on billboards in Abuja i think it wasn’t going well, we had to split.

She has become much better, I too have matured a lot, we still talk and even appreciate ourselves the more. So i think when I am ready I will want to get into a relationship again but for now, i am taking my time.

Is Relationship more of a game?

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