Ladies over to you…. What can a Man benefit from dating you?

On a social media platform, this Question was asked here are some feminine response out of many

*Total faithfulness, true love, peace of mind and lots more

*I can give you singlet and boxers..also tantalizer cake on your birthday and birthday cards… I can also buy you active man.. you will surely benefit from me

*Financial support when necessary, Emotional Doctor, Special adviser and personal prayer warrior. 🙋

*I make bold to say I will give him total package, intelligent and smart children it is very very important in our present day world, join force with him to build an empire.

*I am not sure it’s a crime for a lady to contribute financially to a relationship. Wtf is advise, faithfulness, love etc. Let’s flip the coin, if a man only contributes all these things to a relationship would you stick with him? Modern relationships finances and a reasonable understanding of financial management plays a major role in the success or failure of the relationship.

Of course a lady should be faithful to her partner and vice versa. Same goes for the rest of the stuffs being mentioned on here.

*Good sex

*He will enjoy my beautiful face

*A whole lot. I am an asset not a liability. A health professional so will be taking care of the entire household in case of any sickness, financial assistance if need be,love, care,carry and nurture his up springs…

*Financial support when necessary, Emotional Doctor, Special adviser and personal prayer warrior. 🙋

In Conclusion I really enjoyed and fill my self in the Moments;

A Lady has many abstract things to offer when Dating, you just need to identify who you are.



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