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Make Eye Contact

You may not think this is important, but think back to the first time you saw your now mate. More than likely, the first interaction was through eye contact.

If you are having dinner during the holidays with a large group of family and friends, glance over to your mate and give them a seductive wink, or if your mate is giving a speech and you are there to offer support, attentively look at them, making directly eye contact and offer a warm reassuring smile. Eyes can say a lot!

Making The Spice

Greet warmly each time you interact. Make them feel special every day 💞

“Ask” him/her out on a date this week. Send an invitation by text 📱, email 📧, or hand-written card✍️.

Your relationship is blessed with differences. Celebrate don’t criticize Him/her 💞

Two people can’t “make their point” at the same time. Love…

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