A Facebook Friend Who made me feel Relieved after a Long Time

Today I spoke to a Facebook friend who made me relieve, I have never felt this way for a long long time. She is so humorous and ecstatic. We converse like an eye to eye scenario. Before this 1st call, we have common interest in a particular aspect of Life(relationship ideas); so we blended well.

I know you all experience this in Social Media. Accepting a friend request and less than couple of weeks, you’re both Sharing your experiences of your daily lives. Mostly is either a Man and Woman, sometimes same gender. They become best of friends on media growing into a family.

This cheerful friend of mine needed an assistance so I help with little I had and felt good afterwards. Rendering help to someone you have never meet before is enthusiastic and relieving. Its shows how Salt of the earth we can be. Since then we’ve have been chatting late nights, even flirts sometimes.

Soon I was feeling homey and getting attached. I lately requested for more pictures of her. I think this set my mood on, she is so good looking, a rare elegant nature. I was blown by her Smile. Weeks passes and deepens our Conversation. It was like an obligatory to hear from the other. When I updated my Dp of 3 months, she was the first to comment

‘I must confess you are so Cute, please marry me’

This line is so Romantic right? She actually stole it from me, I commented same on the photos she sent.

I am 100% sure she was blown away too, sweeping her feet, I may be handsome but I don’t let it fool me. Since those propitious moments she Consent to me she loves my Pics, yeah! I got the confirmation that I am good looking.

Due to the intensity in our humorousness we spice up things a little with pet names

‘Hey Baby’, ‘Love’, ‘Sweetie’ and more!.

Our Moments derailed when she said she will be off media for a while due to personal reasons which I had to accept and respect. I felt like a love lorn but hey, I got her digits. She was sweet talked into releasing it at the Early stage. ‘Every guy has a Charm’.

couple of weeks passed no word between us, so today I was feeling lone the Feminine side of me needed a boost. For minutes I search and scroll through Messenger but couldn’t find her, I was astonished her account has been hacked. I spool through our old chat and there is her Number.

So glad I can reach her, the Phone conversation was so homey,ecstatic and humorous again. For the first time we listen to each other voices. We felt like lovers who has known each other for long. That’s the power of internet and communication.

Some many Chemical reaction in my brain I have never felt relived like this in a Long long time.

I wish to say we can establish a relationship. Her birthday is tomorrow so am gonna plant a memory of me in her. I’ll call, send Call cards and even video chat.

Its too early to dream of a Long distance relationship but it is possible we have become acquainted with each other.

To Dammy My Pen friend,

Happy Birthday to you!!!๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ


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