Promiscuous is having many sexual partners, what are the effects of this kind of lifestyle, is it positive or negative?. As human we all have different views, wants and taste out of life.

I am writing this post not to clamp against lifestyles but just an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in a humorous manner but be respectful and courteous.

Take this post as a dive to something that can interests us and pick from.

Multiple relationships are usually characterized with sexual activities, the persons involved are consensual with benefits. There are thousands reasons as to why multiple affairs.

Some it may be business like The Boards, Personal desire and much more after all we are entitled to our body but remember life has place us in different stage and experiences.

It Mine not yours and yours not mine some persons keep up chastity and celibacy however, don’t go extreme and destroy it.
Such relationship exists between some opposite sex but termed “Friends with benefits” Both of them might have crossed a fallen bridge and impossible to go back.

The possible means to satisfy their desire and passion is to compromise, some persons falls here. Note the positive and negative effect of these actions Adultery is also around the corner.

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