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Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Man is absolutely vulnerable to the vulgarity of every voluptuous body(Woman) which he sights, wearing a voluminous ornamentals also nail it.

Women and Girls makes men to be vulnerable of their jokes, lies in fact their arrogance and Elegance geared us to be voluminous to their beauty, lifestyle and high taste of good living.

Men and Boys possess similar quality though their equality aspect of determination varies respectively, some for self-centered reasons while some throw a fair die. They would sweat their access to balance and satisfy their wants and desire; some do this in the way of being sentimental, to buy a heart while others to boast or blow their own Trumpet.

I follow a principle which states ‘Play an awaitinggame‘, its means waiting to see how a situation…

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