Love is a thing , To love is a Decision

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A Close friend of mine had an experience, so we chat about it.

Are you sure you want a relationship with him/her?

3 years is more than enough for someone to Fall in love with you…

How does she perceive you..does she lingers around you…enjoys your company?

Directly or indirectly….

First impression matters
But it is natural for other to feel that way towards us

Love is Trust…

Try a trick…
Give him or her space…
Maybe their feelings for you may grow

I have many experiences like that…

Trust me…if you really want him or her..
Things has to change. .Some things…

Notethat Attraction is never forced or imposed…it is induced

Something may never change..but don’t give up if you really love her..

Noteyou should never allow yourself to be a slave of your feelings

You came too strong on her at 1st or she didn’t…

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