How Submissiveness can affects marriage or relationships

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Submissiveness has to be acceptance, willingness and Consent to a thing. in aspect of human relationships this is quite different.

Submissiveness can be In different ways, like for married couple; romance,intimacy and sex is considered authorised entry. Both parties are well Informed.

In some relationships we don’t get all submissiveness, I have dated a lady loved her wholeheartedly, great chemistry I kissed her once but I never get to have sex with her or cuddle, why because I don’t have full authorisation by her.

While some relationships enjoyed what couples do, that can be classified as authorised and Submissiveness.

This lovely lady I dated was not Submissive to me, because she is polygamous and I was unlucky not to be on her top list.

Husband and wife may be submissive to one another, anytime any day that’s different to relationships.

Love Eludes all

Although be it in Marriage or…

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