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Submissiveness in Marriages and Relationships

Submissiveness Submissiveness has to be acceptance, willingness and Consent to a thing. in aspect of human relationships this is quite different. Submissiveness can be In different ways, like for married couple; romance,intimacy and sex is considered authorised entry. Both parties are well Informed. In some relationships we don’t […]

An August Sex Visit

Episode 1 She came, we where having fun. Kisses in my room she wanted more, her nipples were point and I was on top of h, I grab her big thigh squeeze her ass like a balloon, she was in plateau and ready for sex, I anticipated this […]

Some Thoughts on Erection for Men

*MEN OF VALOR THINK VERY DEEP ON THIS:* *🌿💫Erection is a state of arousal of sexual desires in a man in preparation for sexual exploit*. *🌿💫Having an erection is natural but obeying the dictates of your erection is a choice*. *🌿💫For every erection, there’s a responsibility. Wise men […]

Early Morning Sex

Early Morning Sex is one of the Most Ecstatic Sex, between 3am to 6am. Some Couples or Lovers have this experimental knowledge of Penetrative Sex; As a Man wakes up that hour, his sexual hormones and Muscles are effective, his Penis is Erect just like when he is […]

Don’t Confuse Love and Sex

Don’t confuse sex with love, especially in the beginning of a relationship, attraction and pleasure are often mistaken for love. Romantic love is a mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy and the idealization of one’s partner. while (Sex) is a Physical intimacy which creates a […]

The Embryo is Growing

The embryo is growing! Eat 3 servings of protein daily to help spur new tissue for the baby-to-be. One serving of meat like skinless chicken or lean beef, for example, should be about 4 ounces — roughly the size of a deck of cards. Week Four It can […]

Sexual Activity

Intimacy encompasses feelings of attachment, closeness, connectedness, and bonded ness. Passion encompasses drives connected to both limerance and sexual attraction during love or any relationships. Making Love Intimacy is a huge part of a successful relationship. Try go online,read books and try to bring a little excitement into […]

I think I am ready for Sex

Hello Family, Sometimes People say you should take your own Advice, but what if in baby steps? I have this going on my mind for the last 20 years now , I haven’t told my friends, but maybe you all can help with your expertise advice, wisdom and […]

Sex is very powerful

Sex Sex is something that’s very powerful. It’s like super glue – it really glues two people together, & once your relationship has gone to this level of intimacy, (i.e. when you’re “glued” together so much), it’s really hard to let it go.

Love and Sex

Don’t confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship,attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken because Love is a mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy and the idealization of one’s partner. and Sex is a Physical intimacy which creates a strong […]

Emotional and Physical Affair

The traditional definition of cheating is that one person in a committed relationship is sexually involved with someone other than his/her spouse. In recent years, cheating has been reclassified to include not only the physical affair but, also, the emotional affair. An emotional affair is defined as any […]

10 Sex Facts Did you know………?

– Did you know that both men and women need about eleven minutes to become sexually aroused? Teasing one another, making naughty suggestions, removing needless undergarments —these are only a few ways to enjoy that extra drive time more with your lover. -A single healthy human male produces […]

Prince and Cherry

I meet someone online, And we fell in love, it was a wonderful feeling, we were too young to talk of a legal union. With Longevity I will surely go down to his country. I never knew thriller was a Romantic Song till I go through the Lyrics […]