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Appreciation Post

Hello everyone, Yesterday was my Blog’s Happy One Month birthday Love and Intimacy, and am really enthusiastic about it, Lofty hearts to all My Readers, Friends and Followers Whole wide World. You have all been An Inspiration and a drive to write more. I wish Massive Success in […]

She is so Lovely

Ecstasy A Romantic Scene in my Dreams For the 1st time she appeared in my dream, we were 3 on a bench An Architecture student, and 2 Surveyors. we chatted and hungry, she wanted snacks, so we all go out of the hall together. when we went she […]

Dating Tips

*Be honest about who you are, your specialty, what you like, every last bit of it. Do what comes natural to you, instead of attempting to be what you think your date will like. *If you start dating with someone, totally stop being involved with your ex. *Don’t […]

Courtship and Dating

Courtship Courtship is a period during which future couples develop a romantic relationship and learns deep into each others lives before getting married. It difficult to Truly love someone you have no chemistry with. Courtship is a stage where 2 future couples, spend time and live together, to […]

My Facts On Feel

Ooh! a Tree grows In me It awaits sunlight for photosynthesis Than ever before It dwells in me like an annual crop It seems dead to the world still exist On fertile soil Thousand blades has crossed my path To the point of my Salvation Oh! oh! In […]

Love and Sex

Don’t confuse sex with love. Especially in the beginning of a relationship,attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken because Love is a mental and emotional state characterized by moments of joy and the idealization of one’s partner. and Sex is a Physical intimacy which creates a strong […]

Dating an employee

Falling in love with an Employee is a sweet thing to experience but also a weird one full of compromise. You will be put into a dilemma all the time. A situation will come you will wish you aren’t in that boat. This kind of relationship or affair […]

Emotional and Physical Affair

The traditional definition of cheating is that one person in a committed relationship is sexually involved with someone other than his/her spouse. In recent years, cheating has been reclassified to include not only the physical affair but, also, the emotional affair. An emotional affair is defined as any […]

A Relationship Quote.

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel….and a time will come it wont really Matter either you tried or not. Man is […]

Please Don’t Walk Away

The flicker of interest has gone wild Unable to devour it The fleeting glimpse at each other intensify Stodility The flinty attitude towards me has been so Scurrilous! Please don’t walk away I’m tired of being Rigorous I won’t repudiate my faith You cant walk away like that […]

Nothing beat me Dead

Nothing beat me Dead Fashion don’t have a call In draining my performance A change of physicality would be A spilt milk under my foot You have an Osmotic regulation of attitude Much Sincerity due to your compared independent value. Painting faces, add ornamentals can’t devour my height […]

Do this Today – Intimately

Identify your Husband, Wife or Lover’s passion and provide constant support & encouragement to follow their heart. Touch him or her gentle in a Sexual way, or in a way that shows affection this helps makes up for lonely days. Don’t just hug your Lover. Embrace him or […]

A New Chapter of Love

If something has happened in your relationship causing the trust to waiver, you will have many things to work through. When your mate has done something that requires you to forgive, you have to forgive, REALLY forgive. Once you have worked through the issue either together or with […]