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Why Do Ladies Loves a Red/Pink Lip Gloss?

Ever wonder why women put red lips 💋 glows? Is it fun sweet, or ecstatic. Why do they love it a lots guess it pleases the opposite sex and beautiful their femininity. Over huge percentage of ladies and women use this particular colours to accentuate their looks. Get […]

Good Looks Pays

Good figure, its usually good to look and get appraised. There are wears that draws attention to us. Which ever way you want to be perceived. Psychology made an interesting Observation If you are more attractive then there are chances that, you are less likely to suffer punishment […]

Handsome and Beautiful

Everyone needs a touch in clothing to bring out the uniqueness in them from the head to the toes. Not only Affluent Women, Men and celebrities should look elegant and handsome. We just have to get the best clothing our Pockets can afford and add a little touch […]

Fashion -Attraction

Attraction builds slowly and faster depending on the Visuals, time spent and much more. Every Boy or girl, Man or woman feels this sparks whenever something or someone is appealing and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes its not about their body physique but how what the wear accentuate […]