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Give yourself Some Value

If your man is not comfortable with you in public, please let go. If your man always complain about every little thing and never appreciate a thing even when you give corrections But appreciate ladies outside, pleas let go. If your man want to change your real you […]

Sexual Appreciation- When she wants it

When your woman crave for intimacy,touch and didn’t get satisfied she becomes false down, and our heart are bound to harbour satisfaction possibly leads to infidelity . this Infidelity is grave and a big offence in the marriage constitution Sexual pleasures shouldn’t be absent in your Relationship or […]

True love

I have been keeping my heart for romantic true love since birth, till date my diary is a Empty. Money has become a spice and center of affection in this 21st century Love & Relationship; its existence is rare, only 1 out of 10. I still believe I […]